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About us

Our stylish chocolate shop exhibits the passions of two people: Timothy Woods and Adams Holland. Friendly and outgoing, our lives revolve around the culinary arts, gorgeous design and making people happy.

Our philosophy has been delighting the community for decades. In 1995 we opened Echo, a highly-acclaimed San Joaquin Valley restaurant that showcased farm-to-table produce from the surrounding fields and ranches long before "farm-to-table" was a thing. With favorable reviews from the food editors of Gourmet, Bon Appétit, PBS, and the  LA Times, and special acknowledgment from chefs Alice Waters, Gary Danko, Judy Rodgers and Tracy Des Jardins, Echo proved to be a local jewel: a gathering place for movers and shakers in politics, business and the arts. 

Among those attracted was Eartha Kitt, an actress, and singer best known for her role as Cat Woman in the original Batman TV series. Charmed by our ardent hospitality, Kitt agreed to a garden party in her honor at our home. It was for this event that we first delved into chocolate making. Rolled by hand and scented with fresh mint, the bonbons served were an instant hit. Thus Eartha Kitt’s party helped us realize our place in the world of chocolate and led us to Amsterdam, where Timothy was mentored by the renowned chocolatiers of Puccini Bomboni. Over the course of several years, Timothy studied at Callebaut Chocolate Academy in Chicago and with Alice Medrich, the “First Lady of Chocolate", in San Francisco.

Now a seasoned chocolatier, Timothy uses fresh, local ingredients to make our bonbons. With creativity, passion, and a high standard of quality, Timothy Adams Chocolates raises the chocolate and bonbon bar to a new level. Step inside our shop, and you will be greeted with the aroma of sweet chocolate and Tim's contagious smile.


Timothy Adams Chocolates 
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539 Bryant Street
Palo Alto CA 94301, USA